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Download your customized S&H Manual within an HOUR, TODAY! Affordable (starting at $60) and editable (written in MS WORD). Accredited by the BBB for over 13 years 

Don't re-invent the wheel! You don't have the time to write a "Safety and Health Program" from "scratch", nor do you want to pay outrageous fees for someone to write one for you!

We will customize the pages of the basic 66 page "Safety and Health Program" manual by including your Company name, and the name of your Safety and Health Manager, within the text of the manual, only $99.95 Or save yourself some money and YOU put in your own Company name.  The basic "bare-bones" manual, unedited, is only $59.95

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Download your customized S&H Manual within an HOUR, TODAY! Affordable (starting at $60) and editable (written in MS WORD). Accredited by the BBB for over 13 years 

People call us all the time needing a written "Safety and Health Program" manual. They say they never needed one before, but they need one now because:

Their insurance company needs a copy of it
The contractor they work for needs it
OSHA wants to see it
The city or state they work for needs it
The federal agency they want to work for needs it
They need to submit it with their bid
They need it to pass an inspection, audit, or regulation
They need it to be "certified" by a regulatory agency
They know they will need it sooner or later

Well, whatever the reason YOU need a "Safety and Health Program" manual, we can get it to you TODAY! No kidding!

Simply put, this "Safety and Health Program" manual WORKS, and it will work for you too!

You can have your Safety Program Manual within an HOUR or so TODAY!

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This is not a guide or "how to" manual.

This is an actual, written ,"boiler plate" Safety and Health Program Manual WITH YOUR BUSINESS NAME!!

Editable! Written in Microsoft WORD!  You can alter, add, change, and delete the text, and make this manual more "Site Specific" !


What does our Basic Safety Program Manual consist of?

The foundation of our program is a basic, 66 page, "Safety and Health Program" manual. The information contained within this 66 page manual is applicable to any type of business.

It has the Safety Topics that every thorough "Safety and Health Program" manual should include:

Safety and Health Policy Statement Hazard Prevention and Control
Safety Education and Training Program Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) Program
Safety Committee Property Maintenance
(M)SDS Responsibilities Personal Protective Equipment
Supervisor Responsibilities Bloodborne Pathogens
Employee Responsibilities Liability Reporting
First Aid Accident Investigation
Safety Inspection Responsibilities and Checklists Emergency Action Plans
Orientation & Training Responsibilities Hazardous Material Spill Response
Employee Safety Handbook (Available in Spanish! Let Us Know!) OSHA Inspection
Machinery Tag Out Program OSHA Record Keeping and Posting Requirement

Please click  this link to view samples>> "Sample Page" << from the basic safety manual.

OSHA Poster and OSHA Log 300 are also included


To make  your basic manual more complete, you can choose from over 230 different safety chapters/programs and add them to the back end of the 66 page basic safety manual.

You probably will need some of these "add-on" chapters/programs. The "add-on" chapters/programs are only $25 each (you edit) or $30 each (we edit).                                                            .........................................------- or $30 each ..................Please Scroll Bar Down to See More! >>

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Don't have time to add more chapters to your basic safety manual?

We can do it for you! We will build you a manual!

Give us a call at 1-800-205-1050 or 303-457-4506.

We will take the basic 66 page safety manual and add any of the chapters that you select from the +230 different "Upgrade Chapters".

We will also:

Put your Company name within the selected chapters
Insert page numbers
Build a new "Table of Contents" page behind the original 66 page basic manual "Table of Contents"
Email the document over to you today (generally within an hour! {during regular business hours...})
Copy everything to a CD and mail it to you as a backup

The cost for this service is just $99.95 for the basic manual PLUS $30 per chapter.

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