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US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) Accident Prevention Plan (APP)

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ritten OSHA Safety and Health Program Manuals!


Please Click here "  "Sample Pages" " to view our Samples from the basic Safety and Health Program Manual

Don't re-invent the wheel!  

You don't have the time to write a "Safety and Health Program" from "scratch", nor do you want to pay outrageous fees for someone to write one for you!

This is not a guide on "how to" write a safety manual.  

This is an actual written "boiler plate" Safety and Health Program Manual that can be very easily edited to make it Company specific!

What does our Safety Program Manual consist of?

The foundation of our program is a basic, 69 page,  "Safety and Health Program" manual.  The information contained within this 69 page manual is applicable to any type of business.

To further tailor the manual to your business, you can choose from up to 230+ different safety chapters and add to the 69 page safety manual

This 69 page "Safety and Health Program" Manual ( in Microsoft WORD Format) costs

only $99.95

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We will customize the pages of the 69 page "Safety and Health Program" manual by including your Company name, and the name of your Safety and Health Manager (or leave the person's name "generic"), within the text of the manual!  

You will not find another "Safety and Health Program" Manual like this anywhere!  It's exactly what you are looking for.  It's Simple to Implement, Editable, Adaptable, Inexpensive, AND Professionally Done.

(Written in Microsoft WORD)

What is in the basic 69 Page "Safety and Health Program"  Manual?

It has the Safety Topics that every thorough "Safety and Health Program" manual should include:

Safety and Health Policy Statement

Hazard Prevention and Control

Safety Education and Training Program

Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) Program

Safety Committee

Property Maintenance

SDS Responsibilities

Personal Protective Equipment In Office Procedures

Supervisor Responsibilities

Bloodborne Pathogens In Office Procedures

Employee Responsibilities

Liability Reporting

First Aid

Accident Investigation

Safety Inspection Responsibilities and Checklists

Emergency Action Plans

Orientation & Training Responsibilities

OSHA Inspection

Employee Safety Handbook

OSHA Record Keeping and Posting Requirement

Machinery Tag Out Program

Hazardous Material Spill Response

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Editable and Adaptable to ANY Business or Organization.

(Microsoft WORD)

So Easy to Edit! Written in Microsoft WORD as a .doc Document! Feel Free to Give US a Call! 800-205-1050....

Upgrading Your "Safety and Health Program" Manual

ISNetworld® Clients: These upgrade chapters/programs have not been formatted to comply with ISNetworld® RAVS® Checklists. Here's a link to our ISN® Package: ISNetworld® Package

The basic, 69 page safety manual, may not be complete enough.

You may need to address more, "Job/Site Specific Issues".

Depending on the kind of work you do will determine what you need to add to the back end of the basic manual.

For example, a Roofing Contractor may need to address more issues than what's covered in the basic manual. A Roofer might need to address Fall Protection, Ladder Safety, Roof Labor, Hand and Power Tools, Back and Lifting Safety just to name a few

Submitting an incomplete safety manual (to someone requiring it) that doesn't address obvious risks/hazards of your job may be rejected.

We have over 230 chapters/programs you can use to build a more complete, Site Specific, safety manual. Only $25 per chapter.

OR, save money by purchasing the below 10 chapter 'prepared packages' for only $200, each!  

We will email the documents to you right away, TODAY!

Want us to BUILD YOUR safety manual TODAY?  Please scroll down until you see our 230+ chapter box below....

You can pick individual chapters/programs from any of the below packages for only $25/chapter, each!

If you can't use a particular chapter in the packages below, then DON'T USE them! It is cheaper if you buy 10 chapters/programs for $200 and use what you need. Only $20 per chapter for these package deals!

Swapping/Switching Chapters/Programs Between Packages is not an option. Sorry ....

.......=>      Top Ten (common) Chapter Package,  blue row below, for only $200, for all 10 chapters . Or go $250 with your company name inserted in the chapters, page numbered and updated Table of Contents.   

Or only $25 per chapter, loose, YOU edit in the Company name .


Back and Lifting Safety

Fire Protection/Extinguishers

Disciplinary Program

Hand and Power Tools

Driving Safety and Motor Vehicle Operation

Ladder Safety

Electrical Safety

Personal Protective Equipment

Fall Protection

Respiratory Protection Program

We can include your Company Name in the left chapters/programs and add them to the back end of your basic safety manual for an extra charge of only $5 per chapter!  $50, total.

      The below additional packages are only $200 each

Or only $25 per chapter

Construction Package A       below


Construction Package B


Admin Package A


Admin Package B


Oil & Gas Field Related


Off-Shore Oil Rig Related 


Bloodborne Pathogens

Cold Stress (Weather)

Confined Space

Excavation and Trenching

Fall Protection Plan for Residential Construction

Flammable Liquids

Heat Illness & Stress


Noise and Hearing Conservation Program

Welding, Cutting and Hot Work

Compressed Gas Cylinders

Construction Crane

Forklift and Motorized Truck

General Shop and Work Area

Housekeeping & Storage

Machinery & Machine Guarding

Mobile Equipment

Rigging & Material Handling

Roof Labor

Scaffold Safety

Accident, Incident Investigation & Reporting


Fit for Duty

Injury and Illness Recordkeeping

Office Safety

Short Service Employee

Stop Work Authority

Subcontractor Management

Substance Abuse, (Alcohol/Drug Policy) Contraband and Search

Tool Box Talks / Safety Meetings (does not include actual lessons)

Access to Medical Records

Behavior Based Safety

Business & School Emergency Action Plans

Fatigue Management

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

Indoor Air Quality

Job Competency

Site Sanitation Plan

Workplace Hazards

Workplace Violence

Asbestos Awareness

Benzene Awareness

Gas Hazards

General Waste Management

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)


In Plant Rail Safety

Preventative Maintenance

Process Safety Management

Spill Prevention & Response

Well Control - Oil and Gas Safety and Orientation

Crane Operator Offshore

Marine Transportation

Mobile Crane On Shore

Offshore Helicopter Safety

Perforating Operations

Rigging Offshore

Water Survival Offshore Orientation

Weather Contingency & Float Plan

Well Control Offshore

Working Near Water

The below "Trade Specific" Chapters/Programs are available for $25 each

Abrasive Blasting Demolition Concrete & Masonry Diving Operations Electrical Safety  - Qualified/Non-Qualified Food Service (Restaurateur) Landscape and Grounds  Maintenance Painting Operations Pesticide and Pest Control Plumbing Operations Refrigeration & A/C (HVAC) Steel Erection

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All of the above chapter/packages are editable (Microsoft WORD)....you can change them and make them better and more personalized

We will build you a manual!

Only $99.95 (for the basic manual) + $30 per chapter - Your Company name in the manual and chapters/programs

The basic 69 page safety manual is only $99.95.  It will be up front.  But for only $30 additional, per chapter, we will put your Company name in any of the chapters/programs.  We will also page number the add-on chapters/programs and build a new Table of Contents page with the add-on chapters/programs and their corresponding starting page number. All of the chapters/programs are editable (Microsoft WORD)....you can change them and make them better and more "site specific".

Just need a few chapters/programs?  Only $25 each!  You put your Company name in them.  We will put your name in for $5 more ($30 total, each chapter) and email them over to you in a few minutes, TODAY!

Please call us for a free price quote 800-205-1050 (or 001-303-457-4506 International)

+230 Safety Chapters/Programs below

Are we missing any chapters/programs that you need? If so, Please give us a Call! 800-205-1050

Only want a few Chapters/Programs? The below table has every chapter/program we have, including chapters/programs in the above packages.  Only $25 each, YOU edit$30 each, WE edit. Print (page 2&3) and Circle the chapters/programs you need, below:

Abrasive Blasting (and Silica)

Access  and Egress

Access to Medical Records (V) 

Accident, Incident Investigation and Reporting (IV)

Aerial Lifts

Affirmative Action Plan

Air Compressors & Pressurized Equipment & Systems

Air Quality Management

Alcohol Prevention Program

Ammonia Awareness

Appliance Safety and Grounding (Food Service)


Asbestos Awareness (VI)

Asbestos Management / Maintenance Work

Assured Equipment Grounding & GFCI

Back and Manual Lifting Safety (I)

Behavior Based Safety (US) (Canada) (V)

Benzene (VI)

Biological Hazards Insects/Plants/Animals

Blasting Plan (USACE) (US Army Corps of Engineers)

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan - Category I (II)

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan - Non-Category I (II)

Bridge Worker Safety

Business & School Emergency Action Plans  (V)

Business Continuity Plan

Butadiene Awareness


Carpentry and Structural Maintenance

Chemical and Biological Hazards (Canada)

Chemical and Material Safety Plan

Chlorine Gas Awareness

Cold Stress and Weather (II)

Combustible Dust

Commercial Motor Vehicle Operation

Communication Tower Work

Compressed Air

Compressed Gas Cylinders (III)

Concrete & Masonry

Confined Space  (II)

Construction Crane (III)

Containers and Storage (Canada)

Contractor Subcontractor Relations

Corridors and Outside Walkways

Crane Operator - Offshore (VII)

Cranes, Hoists & Lifting Devices (Canada)

Critical Lift Plan (USACE)

Cumulative Trauma Prevention - Vibration/PPE

Demolition Plan & Explosive BLASTING PLAN

Disciplinary Program (I)

Diving (Commercial) Operations

Driving  (Motor Vehicle) Safety (I)

Drug Prevention Program

Electric Welding (CalOSHA)

Electrical Distribution, Grounding, Temp. Wiring/Lighting  - Layout Plans (USACE)

Electrical Safety - General (I)

Electrical Safety Awareness - Qualified/Non-Qualified

Emergency Action Plan (AKA Emergency Protocols)

Emergency Preparedness, Procedures and Response (Canada)

Employee / Company Responsibilites

Environmental Protection and Practices

Environmental Sustainability (Canada)

Equipment and Materials Handling

Ergonomics   (IV)

Evacuation and Rescue (Canada)

Excavation, Trenching & Shoring (II)

Fall Protection (I)

Fall Protection Plan for Residential Construction (II)

Fatigue Management (V)

Fire Prevention Plan (USACE)

Fire Protection & Extinguishers (I)

First Aid/CPR

Fit for Duty (IV)

Flammable Liquids (II)

Fleet Motor Vehicle Safety Program

Food Service Safety

Forklift and Motorized Industrial Truck (III)

Gas Hazards, Monitors and Detectors (VI)

Gas Systems for Welding (CalOSHA)

General Safety-Health Provision (Canada)

General Shop and Work Area (III)

General Waste Management (VI)

Ground Disturbance (Canada)

Grounding Conductor Program (same as Assured Equipment Grounding, above)

Hand & Power Tools General (I)

Harassment (Canada)

Hazard Assessment (Canada)

Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (same as "Hazard Recognition") (V)

Hazardous Material Transport (same as Transportation of Hazardous Materials, below)

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) (ER & RCRA Combined) (VI)

HAZWOPER/Emergency Response (ER) (VI)


Health and Safety Awareness Training (Canada)

Hearing Protection (same as Noise and Hearing Conservation, below)

Heat Illness (CalOSHA)

Heat Stress (II)

Heating Systems and Boiler Plant Maintenance

Heavy Equipment Operation (same as Mobile Equipment, below)

Hexavalent Chromium (US)

Hot Work (Canada) (See Welding Cutting and Hotwork for USA, below)

Housekeeping and Material Storage (III)


Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) (VI)

Hygiene - Industrial & Sanitation Policy (12 pgs- See/Includes Site Sanitation, below)

Illumination and Lighting (same as Lighting Plan)

Impairment (Canada)

Incident Investigation and Reporting (same as Accident, Incident Investigation, above)

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management & Ventilation (V)

Inert Space Entry

Injury & Illness Recordkeeping (IV)

Injury and lllness Prevention Program (IIPP) (CalOSHA)

In Plant Rail Safety (VI)

Inspections- Safety and Health

Ionizing Radiation

ISO 26000 - The Environment (same as Environmental Protection and Practices, above)

Job Competency (V) 

Job Hazard Analysis (JHA/JSA) & Control

Journey Management

Laboratory Health and Safety HAZCOM

Ladder Safety USA (I)

Ladders & Temporary Platforms Safety (New Brunswick)

Landscape and Grounds Maintenance


Lead Awareness

Lead Management

Lighting Plan - Night Operations

Line Breaking

Lockout / Tagout (AKA Energy Isolation Procedures) (II)

Loss Control

Machine Guarding (Canada)

Machine Safety (Canada)

Machinery & Machine Guarding Safety (US) (III)

Management of Change

Manual Lifting (Canada)

Manual Material Handling (Canada)

Marine Transportation (VII)

Mechanical Equipment Operations Near Energized Lines

Media Response Plan

Medical Management of Work Related Injuries / Ilnesses

Medical Procedures

Mobile Crane - Off shore  (VII)

Mobile Equipment (III)

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)

NFPA 70E (Electrical)

Nitrogen Awareness

Noise Awareness

Noise Exposure / Hearing Protection & Conservation (II)

Office Safety   (IV)

Offshore Helicopter Safety (VII) 

Oil and Gas Well Control - Safety & Orientation (BC-C)

Need an Operator Qualification Program Chapter? >>Click here<<

Overhead & Gantry Crane / Rigging (US)

Painting Operations

Pandemic Preparedness

Perforating Operations (VII)

Permit to Work - Safe Work Practices

Personal Protective Equipment and   Assessments (I)

Pesticide and Pest Control

Plumbing Operations

Powder Actuated Tools

Powered Mobile Equipment (Canada)

Preventative Maintenance (VI)

Process Safety Management (PSM)  (VI)

Need a Quality Management System (QMS): Measurement, Analysis and Improvement Chapter? >>Click here<<

 Public Safety Plan

Radiation Exposure (BC-Canada)

Radiation Safety Policy


(same as Waste Recycling, below)

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Maintenance

Respiratory Protection  (I)

Return to Work, Modified Work Plan(same as Safe Return to Work, below)

RF Energy and Microwave Radiation Safety

Rigging & Material Handling (III)

Rigging - Offshore

Rights and Responsibilities (Canada)

Right to Refuse Unsafe Work (Canada)

Roof Labor (III)

Safe Return to Work (same as Return to Work, above)

Safe Work Practices

Safety Health Signs and Tags

Safety Supervision

Sandblasting (same as Abrasive Blasting, above)

Scaffold (III)

Scaffold (CalOSHA)

Self Audit

Sexual Harassment Policy

Sheet Metal Handling, Welding, Fabrication & Cutting Safety

Short Service Employee (IV)

Signaling Cranes

Signs, Barricades, Roping, Guarding, Flagging

Silica (with Abrasive Blasting)

Site Safety and Health Plan for HTRW (Haz/Tox/Rad/Waste) (USACE )

Site Sanitation (V)  (5 pgs, See Hygiene-Industrial, above)

Site Security

Spill Prevention and Response (VI)

Steel Erection Plan (USACE)

Stop Work Authority

Storing and Handling (Canada)

Subcontractor Management Plan

Substance Abuse (Alcohol/Drug), Contraband and Search Policy (IV)

Surface/Subsurface Safety System (Similar to Well Control-Offshore, below)

Suspended Platforms

Temporary Work Platforms (Canada)

Thermal Exposure (Canada)

Tools & Machinery (Canada)

Tool Box Talks/Work Group Safety Meetings  Policy (Does not include actual lessons/safety meetings) (IV)

Training, Safety Meetings

Transportation  (Commercial Vehicles) (Canada)

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (Canada)

Transportation of Hazardous Materials (US)

Transportation of Workers (Canada)

Trenching, Shoring & Excavation

(same as Excavation, Trenching & Shoring, above)

Tree Trimming

Tunneling-Undergound Emerg., Rescue, Fire Prevention (USACE)

Underground Construction

Unsafe Working Conditions

(same as Stop Work Authority, above)

Vacuum Trucks

Vehicle Safety (Canada)

Vibration (Canada)

Violence in the Workplace (Canada)

Waste Disposal Plan

Waste (Hazardous) Management Plan

Waste  Management / Recycling

(same as Recycling, above)

Water Quality Management

Water Safety (18 pgs-Includes Working Near Water, below)

Water Survival / Offshore Orientation (VII)

Weather Contingency & Float Plan Work (VII)

Welding, Cutting & Hot Work (USA) (II)

Well Control-Oil/Gas Safety Orientation (VI)

Well Control-Offshore (VII)

WHMIS (Canada)

Wild Land Fire Management Plan

Work Area Guards & Requirements (Canada)

Work Zone (Traffic) Safety

Working Alone

Working at Heights (Rescue and Rescue Protocols/Procedures)

Working On or Near Overhead Power Lines

Working Near Water (VII)

Workplace Conduct (Canada)

Workplace Hazards (V)

Workplace Violence (US) (V)

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All of the above chapters/programs are editable (Microsoft WORD)....you can change them and make them better and more personalized

Please call us for a free price quote 800-205-1050 (or 001-303-457-4506 International)

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Pricing Schedule Example, YOU edit:  (the basic manual plus  extra 23 chapters/programs, below example, show the chapters/programs are only $21 each)



Basic 69 Page Safety Manual $99.95
Top Ten Package (common) 200.00
Construction Package A 200.00
Aerial Lift chapter (loose) 25.00
Working Alone chapter (loose) 25.00
Communication Tower Work chapter (loose) 25.00



Pricing Schedule above example, WE edit:   (the basic manual plus 23 chapters/programs, below example, WE EDIT, show the chapters/programs are only $26 each, everything edited)



Basic 69 Page Safety Manual


Top Ten Package (common)


Construction Package A


Aerial Lift chapter (loose)


Working Alone chapter (loose)


Communication Tower Work chapter (loose)




Remember, you can have your (editable) manual and chapter packages within an hour, TODAY!

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