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US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) Accident Prevention Program (APP) Brief Sheet


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As you are aware, putting together an USACE APP Program is a very time consuming and exhausting endeavor.  But if you give up because it's "too hard", the USACE will only scratch you off their contractor list and move on.  Some business out there, that do the same kind of work as you,  will do the "hard"  things necessary to be awarded the contract, because they realize it will be worth the effort in the long run.

BUT, it's not that hard.  It's very time consuming, a couple hours MAX, but not hard.

We have put together a template, written in Microsoft WORD, that you can use and EDIT to put together your own Accident Prevention Program that should meet the Army Corps of Engineers' requirements.

 You will still need to polish and make your submittal document "site specific", but 90% - 95 % of the document is pretty "standard issue stuff".  The 90% - 95% is what we provide.  YOU make up the other 5% -10%.  But "your mama didn't raise no dummy", and you can do it, in a couple hours...... if you have the WILL to do it.

The USACE APP manual that you will put together, must meet local USACE requirements and meet or exceed the requirements set forth in their regulation manual, the EM 385-1-1, and other publications, manuals, etc.   Also, depending on the type of work you are bidding will determine whether you need to submit an "Abbreviated" APP or a full blown "Expanded" APP.  Regardless, we can help you with either one.

We have put together two manuals: an Abbreviated APP and an Expanded APP........The Abbreviated APP addresses @ 16  components.  The Expanded APP has over 50 components (see further below....)

Here's a list of the Abbreviated APP Components: 

 Here's a link to the Abbreviated APP Checklist USACE Website >>   Abbreviated APP Checklist << Please click your "back  arrow" to return to this site   
  • Signature Sheet

  • Background Information

  • Statement of Safety and Health Policy

  • Responsibilities and Lines of Authority

  • Training

  • Procedures for Jobsite Inspections

  • Accident Reporting / Man-hours Worked

  • Emergency Planning and Action Plan

  • Drinking Water, Sanitary Facilities

  • First Aid/CPR training

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Machine Guards and Safety Devices

  • Hazardous Substances

  • Traffic Control

  • Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)

  • Driving, Working on Equipment, Boats, etc.

The Abbreviated APP manual includes the above 16 components (the 90-95% you will need). The final 5-10%, YOU ADD, YOU will include:

  1.  Site Specific work issues
  2. Job Performance details, and
  3. Several "Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA)" forms. We provide you these forms and directions on how to fill them out.  They aren't hard to fill out!

Regarding 1. and 2. above:  If you need to add additional job specific issues to the manual, we can help you with that as well. In addition to the top 16 components we have an additional 35 USACE Chapters/Components that you (or we) can insert on the back end of the Abbreviated Manual. See below, for list of USACE Chapters available. As a matter of fact, we have over 160 different/additional Safety Chapters that you (or we) can insert on the back end of the manual.  Please scroll to bottom of this website to view the 160+ Upgrade Chapters List

As we said earlier, YOU need to fill out and provide YOUR COMPANY , SITE-SPECIFIC , "ACTIVITY HAZARD ANALYSIS" (AHA) Forms to the Abbreviated APP that we will provide you. The reason we don't provide the filled out forms is obvious:

This is your job.  But we do provide you with the "AHA" form, and instuctions on how to fill them out. They aren't hard to fill out!

We will customize your Abbreviated APP Safety Manual and will include your Company name within the text.  We will also email the manual over to you TODAY in an hour or two!  

YES,  you will recieve your manual TODAY, by email!

The page count of this abbreviated manual @ 93 pages, but your final manual to the USACE may well be over 100.  But it  "is what it is", and you will make it accurate and site specific, which is what the US Army Corps of Engineers wants.  The manual you prepare and submit separates you from the "wanna be's" that only fuss and complain, but don't get the contract!

The price for our basic, Abbreviated APP manual, with your name included, is only $499.95

Which brings us to this point:  Suppose you need more than the Abbreviated APP with the 16 components?  

We can build you a manual that will include the Abbeviated APP  ($499.95) and any chapter you want included for only $30 a chapter, extra. 

We will :

What other chapters do you need? Please see the list of USACE chapters, below,  in the Expanded APP Table, and the additional + 160 Safety  Upgrade Chapters further below~

Please call Frank at 800-205-1050 if you have any questions or for a price quote.  We would like to help you!

Please click here to view our samples from the Blasting Plan

Our Expanded APP Details:  The Expanded APP, if you need to submit it,  is a lot more thorough and can be several hundred pages long, depending on the work involved and the complexity and hazards that may be encountered.  Our Microsoft WORD "Expanded APP" template is over 900 pages long!  But your manual won't include everything our template has in it.  So you'll need to delete what doesn't apply.

AND you will need to add you own, site specific, Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) forms....

USACE  Expanded APP to include 51 Chapters

Our Expanded APP includes many of the same components as the Abbreviated APP, but it addresses more issues.  Our Expanded APP has over 50 components. The components highlighted in color Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, below, are already in the Abbreviated APP.

We can add any of these below chapters to your Abbreviated APP for only $30 per chapter!

Here's a link to the USACE Expanded APP Checkist USACE Website >>   Expanded APP Checklist << Please click your "back  arrow" to return to this site   
  • 1.  Intro Signature Sheet
  • 2. Background Information

  • 3. S&H Policy Statement

  • 4. Responsibilities & Lines of Authorities

  • 5. Subcontractor & Supplier

  • 6. Training

  • 7. S&H Inspections

  • 8A. Accident Reporting

  • 8B. S&H Expectations

  • 9(a). Layout Plans

  • 9(b). Emergency Response Plan
  • 9(c). Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (01.C.02)
  • 9(d). Site Sanitation Plan (Section 2)
  • 9(e). Access and Road Haul Plan (4.B)

  • 9(f). Respiratory Protection Plan (05.E.01 ; 05.G)

  • 9(g). Health Hazard Control Program (06.A.02)

  • 9(h). Hazard Communication Program (06.B.01 ; 01.B.04)

  • 9(i). Process Safety Management (06.B.04)

  • 9(j). Lead Abatement Plan (06.B.05)
  • 9(k). Asbestos Abatement Plan (06.B.05)
  • 9(l). Radiation Safety Plan (06.E,03)
  • 9(m). Abrasive Blasting (06.H.01)

  • 9(n). Inclement Weather (see also 9(b)3 above & 9(u) following : Heat/Cold Stress Monitoring Plan (06.I.01, 02)

  • 9(o). Crystalline Silica Monitoring Plan (06.M.01)

  • 9(p). Night Operations Lighting Plan (16.C.19.D)

  • 9(q). Fire Prevention Plan (09.A, 19.A.04 Marine) (see also9(b)2, above)

  • 9(r). Wild Land Fire Management Plan (09.K)
  • 9(s). Hazardous Energy Control Plan (Lockout Tagout) (12.A.01)
  • 9(t). Critical Lift Procedures (16.H)

  • 9(u). Contingency Plan for Severe Weather (19.A.03) See also 9(n) or 9(b)3)

  • 9(v). Float Plan for Severe Weather Float (19.F.04)

  • 9(w). Fall Protection Site Specific and Prevention Plan (21.C)

  • 9(x). Demolition Plan (23.A.01)

  • 9(y). Excavation and Trenching Plan (25.1.01)
  • 9(z). Emergency Rescue (tunneling) (26.A.05)
  • 9aa. Underground Construction Fire Prevention and Protection Plan (26.D.01)
  • 9bb. Compressed Air Plan (26.I.01)

  • 9cc. Formwork and Shoring Erection Removal Plans (27.C)

  • 9dd. Precast Concrete Operations ((27.D)

  • 9ee. Lift Slab Operations (27.E)

  • 9ff. Steel Erection Plan (27.F.01)

  • 9gg. Site Safety and Health Plan (SSHP) (28.B)
  • 9hh. Blasting Plan (29.A.01)

  • 9ii. Diving Plan (30.A.13)

  • 9jj. Confined Space Program (34.A)

  • 9kk. Personal Protective Equipment

  • Machinery and Mechanized Equipment

  • Public Safety

  • Scaffolding

  • Electrical Safety

  • Chemical, Physical Agent, Biological Exposure Prevention

The manual we have built includes the above 51 components (the 90-95% you will need). The final 5-10%, YOU ADD, will include:

  1. Site Specific work issues
  2. Job Performance details, and
  3. Job Site Specific"Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA)" forms. We provide you these forms and directions on how to fill them out.  They aren't hard to fill out!

Regarding 1. and 2. above:  If you need to add additional job specific issues to the manual, we can help you with that as well.  We have over 160 different/additional Safety Chapters that you (or we) can insert on the back end of the manual.  Please scroll to bottom of this website to view the Upgrade Chapters List

The price for the Expanded APP, 977 page document is only $899.95

Please note:  We normally DO NOT put your Company Name in this 977 page document.  We email it over to you "in bulk" within 60 minutes, TODAY. Also, please be advised ~ What we have in this document,  in the bulk format, is the term "the Company" or "Company".  You must change this to your actual company name before submitting it to the USACE, as well as editing the document for site specific content and providing you site specific Activity Hazard Analysis forms

 If you would like us to put your Company Name in the text, there will be an addition $100 edit-service fee to do this.

You can FAX ( 1-720-207-9922) us your requirements list for a no obligation bid.  Or call us at 800-205-1050) and ask for Frank

Here's a Table of Contents example of the Abbreviated APP manual we put together.  Give us a call (800-205-1050) and let us know what you need to address in your safety manual.

The below 93 page manual will cost $499.95.  

Plus we can get it to you within an hour or so, today.  And we are here to help you ANYTIME!

If you need to address additional issues, give us a call (800-205-1050) for a quote. 

Your Company Name

Accident Prevention Plan

Table of Contents

Signature Sheet and Organizational Chart


Background Information


Statement of Safety and Health Policy


Responsibilities and Lines of Authority


Safety Training and Indoctrination


Safety and Health Inspections


Accident Reporting


Emergency Planning


Site Sanitation Plan


First Aid, Medical Treatment and CPR


Personal Protective Equipment


Machine Guards Safety


Hazardous Substances/Hazard Communication Program


Traffic Control


Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)


Driving Safety and Motor Vehicle Operation


Your Table of Contents and manual may look different than this sample, depending on what issues you will need to address.

Please click here to view our samples from the Blasting Plan

You're good at your job, and we're good at ours.  We don't mess around and waste your time.  We "knock this manual out"  and Email everything over to you today, within an hour (during business hours).  If we build you a manual that includes more than the above chapters, it may take longer than an hour.  BUT, we will work on your manual and have it over to you before we go to bed tonight, so you'll have it tomorrow morning. We know you still have work to do with the manual after you get it, so we get it to you ASAP, TODAY.  

We will also copy it to a CD and mail it to you as a back-up.    Remember, everything is written in Microsoft WORD. So you can edit, modify, add to, change, delete, move around, ANYTHING! And if you screw it up, call me. I'll email it to you again. No charge.

Ordering Information

Because there are so many ordering options available, please call Frank at 800-205-1050 (or International 001-303-457-4506) for a no obligation, personalized service and price quote.  Thank You!  Frank

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Upgrade Chapters that can be added to your APP, depending on the work you do

Abrasive Blasting (and Silica)

Accident, Incident Investigation and Reporting

Access to Medical Records

Aerial Lifts

Alcohol Prevention Program

Ammonia Awareness

Appliance Safety and Grounding (Food Service)


Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos Management / Maintenance Work

Assured Equipment Grounding (GFCI)

Back and Lifting Safety

Behavior Based Safety (US)

Behavior Based Safety/Job Observations (C)*

* (C) Denotes Canada but can be used in the US with minor editing

Biological Hazards - Harmful Plants, Insects & Animals


Blasting Plan (USACE)* *(USACE denotes US Army Corps of Engineers)

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan

Business & School Emergency Action Plans

Business Continuity Plan

Butadiene Awareness


Carpentry and Structural Maintenance

Chemical Safety- HAZCOM for Laboratories

Chemical and Biological Hazards (C)

Chlorine Gas Awareness

Cold Stress and Weather

Commercial Diving (US)

Communication Tower Work

Compressed Air

Compressed Gas Cylinders

Concrete & Masonry

Confined Space

Construction Crane

Containers and Storage (C)

Corridors and Outside Walkways

Crane Critical Lift Procedures (USACE)

Crane Operator - Offshore

Cranes, Hoists & Lifting Devices (C)

Demolition Plan & Explosive BLASTING PLAN

Disciplinary Program

Driving Safety

Drug Prevention Program

Electric Welding (CalOSHA)

Electrical Safety - General

Electrical Safety Awareness - Qualified/Non-Qualified

Electrical Distribution, Grounding, Temp. Wiring/Lighting  - Layout Plans (USACE)

Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Preparedness, Procedures and Response (C)

Environmental Sustainability (C)


Evacuation and Rescue (C)

Excavation, Trenching & Shoring

Fall Protection

Fall Protection Plan for Residential Construction

Fatigue Management

Fire Prevention Plan (USACE)

Fire Protection & Extinguishers

First Aid/CPR

Fit for Duty

Flammable Liquids

Fleet Motor Vehicle Safety Program

Food Service Safety

Forklift and Motorized Industrial Truck

Gas Hazards

Gas Systems for Welding (CalOSHA)

General Safety-Health Provision (C)

General Shop and Work Area

General Waste Management

Ground Disturbance (C)

Grounding Conductor Program (same as Assured Equipment Grounding)

Hand & Power Tools General

Harassment (C)

Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)

Hazard Assessment (C)

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

HAZWOPER/Emergency Response


Heat Stress

Heat Illness (CalOSHA)

Heating Systems and Boiler Plant Maintenance

Hexavalent Chromium (US)

Housekeeping and Material Storage

Hot Work (C)


Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

Impairment (C)

Incident Investigation and Reporting

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management & Ventilation

Inert Space Entry

Injury & Illness Recordkeeping

Injury and lllness Prevention Program (CalOSHA)

In Plant Rail Safety

Ionizing Radiation

ISO 26000 - The Environment

Job Competency

Journey Management

Laboratory Health and Safety HAZCOM

Ladder Safety

Ladders & Temporary Platforms (NB-C) Safety

Landscape and Grounds Maintenance



Lead Awareness

Line Breaking

Lockout / Tagout

Machinery & Machine Guarding Safety

Machine Guarding (C)

Machine Safety (C)

Management of Change (C)

Manual Lifting (C)

Manual Material Handling (C)

Marine Transportation

Media Response Plan

Mobile Crane - Onshore

Mobile Equipment

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)

NFPA 70E (Electrical)

Night Operations Lighting Plan

Nitrogen Awareness

Noise Awareness

Noise Exposure / Hearing Protection & Conservation

Office Safety

Offshore Helicopter Safety

Oil and Gas Well Control - Safety & Orientation (BC-C)

Overhead & Gantry Crane / Rigging (US)

Overhead Power Lines (C)

Painting Operations

Perforating Operations

Personal Protective Equipment and   Assessments

Pesticide and Pest Control

Plumbing Operations

Powder Actuated Tools

Powered Mobile Equipment (C)

Preventative Maintenance

Process Safety Management

Public Safety Plan

Radiation Exposure (BC-C)

Radiation Safety Policy

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Maintenance

Respiratory Protection

Return to Work

RF Energy and Microwave Radiation Safety

Rigging & Material Handling

Rigging Offshore

Rights and Responsibilities (C)

Roof Labor

Sandblasting (same as Abrasive Blasting)

Site Sanitation Plan


Scaffold (CalOSHA)

Short Service Employee

Silica (with Abrasive Blasting)

Site Security

Spill Prevention and Response

Steel Erection (USACE)

Stop Work Authority

Storing and Handling (C)

Subcontractor Management Plan

Substance Abuse (Alcohol/Drug), Contraband and Search Policy

Thermal Exposure (C)

Tools & Machinery (C)

Tool Box Talks/Work Group Safety Meetings  Policy (Does not include actual lessons/safety meetings)

Transportation (Commercial Vehicles) (C)

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (C)

Transportation of Hazardous Materials (US)

Transportation of Workers (C)

Trenching, Shoring & Excavation (same as Excavation, Trenching & Shoring)

Tunneling-Undergound Emerg., Rescue, Fire Prevention (USACE)

Underground Construction

Vacuum Trucks

Vehicle Safety (C)

Vibration (C)

Violence in the Workplace (C)

Water Survival / Offshore Orientation

Weather Contingency & Float Plan Work

Welding, Cutting & Hot Work

Well Control-Offshore


Wild Land Fire Management Plan

Work Area Guards & Requirements (C)

Working Alone (C)

Working Alone (US)

Working Near Water

Workplace Conduct (C)

Workplace Hazards

Workplace Violence

Do you need any other chapters not listed here?  Please call us.


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