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Avetta® Compliant Safety Programs Brief Sheet

(Formerly PICS Auditing)

(USA or Canadian version available)

We GUARANTEE Avetta's® Acceptance!

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Which of the below Safety Chapters do you need to address in your safety manual? You can FAX (1-720-207-9922) or E-mail Frank your list of chapters for a no obligation price quote! Or Call 1-800-205-1050 !!

(Convinced to buy? Only need a chapter or two?  Only $25/chapter if YOU edit the Company name or $30/chapter if you want US to  include/edit  your Company name into the chapter(s) . You can have it/them in 20 minutes, during normal business hours, AND they are Guaranteed to pass Avetta's® review). To  ORDER Individual Chapters, "Click Here" !

If you don't see the program you need, we can make one for you TODAY, usually within an hour or two!  Please call 800-205-1050.

Available Safety Chapters

Abrasive Blasting

Access to Medical Records

Accident, Incident, Near Miss Investigation

Aerial Lifts / Elevated Platforms

Asbestos Awareness

** Assured Equipment Grounding Program and GFCI

BENZENE Awareness

Bloodborne Pathogens

Cadmium Safety Program

Chemical and Biological Hazards

(see also WHMIS (below)- Canada)

Cold Weather Safety / Cold Stress

Concrete and Masonry Construction

Confined Space

Confined Space Rescue

Construction Cranes

Driving Safety

Drug and Alcohol Substance Abuse Program & Contraband Control and Search Policy (same as Substance Abuse)

 Electrical - General

** Electrical Safety Awareness (Qualified/Non-Qualified

Emergency Action Plan, Response & Evacuation


Excavation Trenching and Shoring

** Fall Protection

**Fire Protection and Extinguishers

**First Aid & CPR

Flammable Liquids

Forklifts and Motorized Industrial Trucks

Gas Hazards, Indicators, Monitors and Detectors

Hand and Power Tools


Harassment & Workplace Conduct

Hazard Analysis, Identification and Risk Assessment



Heat Stress (Illness) Prevention

Hexavalent Chromium

Housekeeping & Material Storage

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

Illumination and Lighting Requirements

Journey Management

**LADDER and Temporary Platforms

Lead Awareness Program

**Lockout / Tagout

Medical Case Management Plan

**Noise and Hearing Conservation Program

**Personal Protective Equipment

Powder Actuated Tools

Process Safety Management (PSM)

Radio Frequency (RF) Safety

Respiratory Protection


Scaffold Safety (User)

Tower Safety

Violence in the Workplace

Welding, Cutting and Hot Work

Working Alone

Working Near Water

**Workplace Hazard Material Information System (WHMIS) (Canada)-HAZCOM (USA)

** Chapters above are included in the 206 basic + 10 Chapter package for $299.95

Are we missing a Chapter/issue/topic you need to address in your safety manual?  

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If  Avetta® changes a requirement to a safety chapter you purchased from us, we will update it FREE.
We put together a "package deal" that includes our basic safety manual  (bottom left) and 10 additional Avetta® compliant chapters
.  It will include your company/business name (where it says Xyz Company) (in black text) throughout the manual and you can have it within an hour (or so), TODAY, and not days, like those other outfits!
(Your Manual will not be a "split screen" like the above samples!).

Xyz Company

Table of Contents

Safety and Health Policy Statement


Safety Education and Training Program


Safety and Health Communication


Safety Inspection Checklist


Employee Safety Handbook


Accident Reporting, Medical Treatment, Emergency Contact


Personal Protective Equipment in Office Procedures


Machinery Tag Out Program in Office Procedures


Hazard Prevention and Control


Property Maintenance


Liability Report Form


Emergency Action Plan


Bloodborne Pathogens in Office Procedures


Hazardous Material Spill Response


Hazard Identification and Response


Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Form


SDS Responsibilities & Training


Country Safety Compliance Agency Inspection


Questions an Safety Compliance Officer Might Ask


Common Safety Violations


Recordkeeping and Posting Requirements


.Xyz Company

Table of Contents

Workplace Hazard Material Information System (WHMIS)- (for Canada Avetta) or go Hazard Communication  (HAZCOM) (for USA Avetta)


First Aid, Medical Treatment and CPR


Fall Protection


Ladder and Temporary Platforms


Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)


Assured Equipment Grounding Program and GFCI


Electrical Safety Awareness : Qualified/Non-Qualified


Fire Protection and Extinguishers Safety Plan


Personal Protective Equipment Program


Noise and Hearing Conservation Program


.(this manual with 10 add-on chapters is 206 pages long!)
.The 206 page manual (with your Company name), is $299.95 (Option 2).

See our price schedule table, below


Our Price Schedule (Confused by the below Table?  Need a quick  price quote? Call Frank at 800-205-1050.  Thanks)    

66 pg Basic Safety Manual with your Company name (edited) in it. $99.95
Only need a few Compliant Safety Chapters ?  We will put your Company name within the chapter! $30 each/edited  (or $25 each if you edit/install your own Company name).
"We Build It" Option 1:   66 pg Basic Manual + ANY of the 52 chapters.  Your name in the add-on chapters, page numbered, additional Table of Contents page added behind the basic manual $99.95 + $30/chapter (edited-Your Company name in the document)
"We Build It" Option 2:  See "Table of Contents" above and right. OUR Basic Manual plus the 10 chapters/topics already added {206 pages Edited}. Your name in the manual and chapters.  Emailed to you within an hour.  Makes a good starting point for you.  You can pick up where we leave off!  


"We Build It" Option 3:  Includes the above "We Build It Option 2" PLUS any additional chapters you need.  Includes your Company name in the extra chapters.  $299.95 + $30/chapter (edited)


Because there are so many ordering options available, please call Frank at 800-205-1050 (or International 001-303-457-4506) for a no obligation, personalized service and price quote.  Thank You!

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