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(To view samples from the 66 pg basic safety manual (below left), click here)

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Xyz Company

Table of Contents

Safety and Health Policy Statement


Safety Education and Training Program


Safety and Health Communication


Hazard Identification and Communication


SDS Responsibilities


Safety Inspection Checklist


Employee Safety Handbook


Accident and Incident Reporting


First Aid and Medical Treatment in Office Procedures


Personal Protective Equipment in Office Procedures


Machinery Tag Out Program


Hazard Prevention and Control


Property Maintenance


Liability Report Form


Emergency Action Plan


OSHA Inspection


Questions an OSHA Compliance Officer Might Ask


OSHA Civil Penalties


OSHA Record Keeping and Posting Requirements


Common OSHA Violations


Bloodborne Pathogens in Office Procedures


Hazardous Material Spill Response


---------- This basic manual, by itself, is $99.95---------

.Xyz Company

Table of Contents

Bloodborne Pathogens and Exposure Control Plan


Disciplinary Program


Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)


First Aid / CPR


Personal Protective Equipment


Fire Protection and Extinguishers


Fall Protection 


Ladder Safety


General Shop and Hand Tool Safety


Noise and Hearing Conservation Program



(The above are 10 additional ISN compliant safety chapters)

We can add more chapters to this package, if you need them.  Please scroll down to see the list of +100 different chapters available.

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(This manual, with 10 add-on chapters, is 201 pages long!)

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10 Chapters below, with the **  , are included in the 201 page manual ($299.95), above.

Abrasive Blasting

Access to Medical Records

Aerial Lifts


Ammonia Awareness

Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos - Containing Pipe Coating Removal

Asbestos Management / Maintenance Work

Assembly/Disassembly of Cranes

Assured Equipment Grounding Conductor (GFCI)

Behavior Based Safety


**Bloodborne Pathogens**

Butadiene Awareness


Cold Weather /  Stress

Commercial Diving (US)

Compressed Air Plan

Compressed Gas Cylinders

Confined Space

Confined Space (CalOSHA)

Construction Crane

Contractor-Subcontractor Working Relations

Crane Operator - Offshore

**Disciplinary Program**

Driving Safety

(Non-DOT) Drug & Alcohol Policy

Electrical High-Voltage (CalOSHA)

Electrical Low-Voltage (CalOSHA)

Electrical Safety Awareness - Qualified/Non-Qualified

Electrical Welding (CalOSHA)

Emergency Action Plan

Exposure Assessment Plan

**Fall Protection**

Fall Protecion (CalOSHA)

Fatigue Management

**Fire Protection/Extinguishers**

**First Aid/CPR**

Fit for Duty

Forklift and Motorized Industrial Truck

Gaseous Chlorine Awareness

Gas Hazards

Gas Systems for Welding (CalOSHA)

General OperationsSafety -- Wind Farm Operations

General Safety-Health Provision

General Waste Management

**Hand & Power Tools-General**


HazCom (CalOSHA)

Hazard Identification & RISK ASSESSMENT

HAZWOPER/Emergency Response


Heat Illness (CalOSHA)

Heat Illness Prevention (US)

Hexavalent Chromium (US)


Hydrofluoric Acid

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

Incident Investigation and Reporting

Inert Space Entry

Injury/Illness Recordkeeping

Injury and lllness Prevention Program (CalOSHA)

In Plant Rail Safety

Ionizing Radiation

ISO 26000 - The Environment

Job Competency

Journey Management Plan

**Ladder Safety**

Lead Management

Lead Awareness

Line Clearance - Tree Trimming

Live Line Tools

Lockout / Tagout

Management of Change (MOC)

Manual Lifting

Marine Transportation

Mechanical Equipment Operations Near Energized Lines

Mobile Crane - Onshore

Mobile Equipment

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)

NFPA 70E (Electrical)

Nitrogen Awareness

Noise Awareness

**Noise Exposure / Hearing Protection & Conservation**

Non-DOT Drug & Alcohol Policy

Offshore Helicopter Safety

Overhead & Gantry Crane / Rigging (US)

Pandemic Preparedness

Perforating Operations

Permit To Work

** Personal Protective Equipment (PPE Assessments)**

Preventative Maintenance

Process Safety Management (PSM)

Need a Quality: Measurement, Analysis and Improvement Chapter? >>Click here<<

Respiratory Protection

Rigging Material Handling

Rigging-US (CalOSHA)

Rigging-US (CalOSHA)

Rigging Offshore

Safe Return to Work

Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS Records and Documentation)


Scaffold (CalOSHA)

Short Service Employee

Signaling Cranes


Silica Exposure Control

Spill Prevention and Response

Stop Work Authority

Subcontractor Management Plan

Transportation of Hazardous Materials

Trenching, Shoring & Excavation

Trenching, Shoring & Excavation (CalOSHA)

Vacuum Trucks

Water Survival / Offshore Orientation

Welding, Cutting & Hot Work

Well Control Offshore

Wind Farm Operations - Working at Height

Working Alone

Working Near Water

Work On/Near Overhead Lines

We also have "Mining/Surface - Coal" Chapters, below

Accident Reporting

Electrical Safety

Fall Protection

General Safety

Hazard Communication

Machinery & Equipment

Noise Exposure

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Training of Miners

Welding & Cutting

Working Under Suspended Loads

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Here's what we did, below left!

We methodically went through our chapters and made sure the chapters included and answered every RAVS issue.  We then placed a colored location label (other than black, ie., DSP 1) above each different checklist  RAVS answer. We then colored our answer with a different text font so that you can very quickly see where their RAVS question is answered, in our chapters!  

See our EXAMPLE below left, of our Disciplinary Program chapter, after we did our work.  We did +100 different chapters like this!

**(Note: The Disciplinary  Program chapter you will receive will look like the below, with the different colored font lettering.  Before you submit your completed manual  for review, DELETE the different 3-letter labels (Note: "DSP" is the...  and DSP 1  Line-Item #1).  Then, change the colored (The employee's supervisor...) lettering in the document back to BLACK.

Disciplinary Program

Note: DSP is the 3-letter location label for this Disciplinary Program chapter

Role of Disciplinary Systems in the Workplace:

The disciplinary system does not exist primarily to punish employees. Its purpose should be to control the work environment so that workers are protected and accidents are prevented. A disciplinary system helps ensure workplace safety and health by letting the Company's employees know what is expected of them. It provides workers with opportunities to correct their behavior before an accident happens.

(DSP1       Line-Item #1--   Does........................... responsible ?........

A disciplinary system is one of the keys to successfully implementing the Company's safety and health program. It ensures that the Company's rules and safe working practices are taken seriously by employees and are actually followed. It lets employees know how the Company expects them to operate in relation to the goals of the Company's safety and health program. And it lays out the actions the Company will take if individuals do not meet the Company's expectations. The employee's supervisor and all members of management are responsible for the enforcement of this disciplinary program.

A disciplinary system cannot work in a vacuum. Before the Company can hold employees accountable for their actions, the Company first needs to establish its safety and health policy and disciplinary rules.

Policy Statement:

Employees need to know the Company's position on safety and health and what the Company expects of them. They need a clear understanding of the rules and the consequences of breaking those rules. This is true in all areas of work, but it is especially important for worker safety and health. As part of the policy statement, and in the employee safety handbook, the Company has a written statement setting forth the Company's disciplinary policy. Company managers and supervisors will always be on the lookout for safety violations and will conscientiously and vigorously enforce the Company's commitment to safety.







' <<< See the red label "Note:  DSP is..." font lettering on the left?  "DSP" stands for the Disciplinary Chapter. The Bloodborne Pathogens  3-letter label is BBP, Fall Protection is FLL, Ladder is LDR, etc.

When you want to find where DSP 1 is answered/located in your manual, use Microsoft's "Find "Option (Ctrl-F). Type DSP 1 in the "Find what:" box.  The computer will take you directly to location note  DSP 1. Then, you just look at the bottom of the page and write down the page number on your printed paper checklist.  In the left example, DSP 1 is addressed/located on page 96, 2nd paragraph.

<<<< See the "DSP1" line-item location label on the left?  DSP means Disciplinary and the 1 stands for the first checklist item 

<< The sentence in blue font on the left, "the employee's supervisor...", is what addresses the Disciplinary   checklist item DSP 1 within the document

.<< YOUR Business/Company name will be inserted where "the Company" phrase is used in your document (on the left example). .(Please note, in this ca.


se, line-item DSP 1 is on page 96,  and DS

(Please note, in this case, line-item DSP 1is answered/located on page 96, 2nd and last paragraph  and DSP 2 is answered/located on page 97, 2nd paragraph and 18 bullets.  Write this page number/paragraph down, next to the corresponding checklist line item, on your paper checklist.  You will need to tell them what page number & paragraph  your manual answers their different line-items) .

Employee Information and Training:

It is important that employees understand the system and have a reference to turn to if they have any questions. Therefore, in addition to issuing a written statement of the Company's disciplinary policy, the Company has drawn up a list of what it considers major violations of Company policy and less serious violations. This list specifies the disciplinary actions that will be taken for first, second, or repeated offenses. The Company will use the 5 Step Disciplinary System listed in Appendix B to correct minor, "General Offences" (that are listed on the next page).

(DSP2     Line-Item #2- ......................... constitutes a ............ violation)

What constitutes a Company safety violation?  The below two sections list the most common Company violations.  Some are related to safety, whereas others are related to Company policy. These sections are just a partial list....other violations may exist that are not yet listed and will be addressed as they occur.  For any activity you question which is NOT on this list, please contact your management Safety representative for a decision.

The list for immediate termination and grounds for immediate discharge are:

1) Drinking alcohol, and/or drug abuse prior to or during working hours

2) Fighting, provoking or engaging in an act of violence against another person on Company property

3) Theft

4) Willful damage to property

5) Failure to wear Personal Protective Equipment (eye protection, hearing protection, safety helmets, etc.)

6) Abuse of selected Personal Protective Equipment.

7) Not using safety harnesses and lanyards when there is a potential for falling

8) Removing and/or making inoperative safety guards on tools and equipment

9) Tampering with machine safeguards or removing machine tags or locks

10) Removing barriers and/or guardrails and not replacing them

11) Failure to follow recognized industry practices

12) Failure to follow rules regarding the use of company equipment or materials

13) Major traffic violations while using a company vehicle

14) Engaging in dangerous horseplay

15) Not following verbal or written safety procedures, guidelines, and rules

16) Failure to conduct required Physical Inspections by Company Officials

17) Failure to notify the Company of a hazardous situation, and

18) Other major violations of Company rules or policies


Please note: Our Disciplinary Program chapter is 8 pages long.  We only put the first 2 pages here, as an example.  There's More!





<-DSP 2 (location note) Line item 2 on the left is a reference to their Disciplinary Chapter second line item.  See below..... 

For Info.....

Disciplinary Program


(This is DSP 1)

Reference: Owner .........................

Requirements: Does........................... responsible ?........

Additional Comments: ..........................................


(This is DSP 2)

Reference: Owner .........................

Requirements: ............................... constitutes a  ....... violation?

(See the  left DSP 2 Line Item #2 location note and the corresponding gold font 18 item list??

Additional Comments: ..........................................

(the gold text on the left describes what they require in their 2nd checklist)


(This is DSP3)

Reference: Owner .........................

Requirements: Does .........................procedures ......................... notice?

Additional Comments: ..........................................


(This is DSP4)

Reference: Owner .........................

Requirements: Does ......................... inspections of ......................... by ......................... officials?

Additional Comments: ..........................................

**IMPORTANT!!=>  When you submit your final manuscript to them, DO NOT leave the font color red or gold or blue  or green like on the left examples, above.  Change the font lettering color to BLACK.

 Your final Text should be black.  Also, DO NOT leave the different location notes, "DSP1 Line Item 1", or "Note: DSP is the 3-letter label for the Disciplinary Program chapter"  stuff in your manual.  Delete these instruction & location notes.  Your completed document needs to be in BLACK text/font, NO Colored Text!  

If you leave the instruction/location notes in your final manual and/or leave the text colored, they will kick your manual back to you.

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$299.95 (edited)

If you want us to add  EDITED /Customized chapters to Option 2, above, let us know which chapters you want. We will  insert your Company name and page number the add-on chapters. We will also add the list of additional chapter names to the Table of Contents page.    AND, we will Email it to you TODAY in an hour or two!  The cost will be the $299.95 Option Price (above, right) with the 10 pre-selected chapters included + $30 per extra chapters (edited and page numbered)

(Example: Option 2 price of $299.95 (which includes the basic manual + 10 chapters) + 3 additional Chapters will be $299.95 + (3 x $30=$90)  =  $299.95 + $90 = $389.95 total)

Add $30 for each additional chapter to the above $299.95 price.

Please call 800-205-1050 for a price quote and ask for Frank

:: Important Note ::

When you submit your chapters to ISN for their review, your chapter(s) need to be:

  (1) in PDF format,

  (2) page numbered,

  (3) without our Colored Location Labels and

  (4) in black font.  

We will email you the following, without extra charge.  It's part of the deal, above...:

1) The original +200 page document, in MS WORD, with all chapters strung together in one long book, page numbered, with Colored Location Labels and colored text that highlight the answers to each RAVS question;

For only $10 extra, per chapter, we can do the following 2 steps.  We will email you...

2) Each chapter, separately, in MS WORD, page numbered to correspond with how they are numbered in the +200 page complete document but WITHOUT the Colored Location Labels or colored text; and

3) Each chapter, separately, in PDF format, page numbered, black font, and ready for you to upload to ISNetworld®.

We offer discounts for large orders !  Please give us a call  (1-800-205-1050) for a no obligation bid.  Remember, we can do this work and email it to you within a few hours.  TODAY!

ISNetworld safety manuals and isnetworld safety program help


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ISNetworld safety manuals and isnetworld safety program help

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2)  You need to double check my work and edit ** your manual before sending your manual off  for review.  Call me at 800-205-1050 if you encounter any discrepancies between my material and your checklists, before you submit.  I'll work with you to get it current and right.

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