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**Gold Shovel Standard ™ (GSS) Certification Template Package

** Home Building Manual and are not endorsed, sponsored, approved by or in any way otherwise affiliated with either Gold Shovel Standard ™ or OSHA

Overwhelmed?  Confused?  Stressed?  Don't fret!  Call Frank at 1-800-205-1050 (or 303-457-4506) now.  Perhaps we can help.

Do you need to be Gold Shovel Standard ™ Certified ?

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  Editable!  Written in Microsoft WORD

And we GUARANTEE its acceptance !!

Questions? Call Frank at 1-800-205-1050 or 303-457-4506

Your Business Name within the Text of the Dig-In Prevention Plan!

Our GSS Template is not a "how to write" a Gold Shovel Standard ™ Program.  It's Already Written!  

Don't re-invent the wheel!  .

You don't have the time to write a "Gold Shovel Standard ™ Program" from "scratch", nor do you want to pay outrageous fees for someone to write one for you!

From a Satisfied Client:

We are so happy you helped us become Gold Shovel Certified. After we received your Dig-In Prevention Plan and Training Curriculum, it only took us an hour to put in our Company State Specific issues and upload the documents to GSS. Uploading the files was very easy. It was just basic, click browse, find your saved files and click to submit. Very easy. The people at GSS were also extremely helpful. We saved so much money and time ! We became certified within a day after submittal.

Frank is top notch when it comes to customer service. If you need anything he is with you every step of the way. Thank you, Frank !!

What does our Gold Shovel Standard ™ Template Package consist of?

It addresses the following key issues:

:Things YOU will need to do:

You will need to Pre-register by clicking on the lower left "BUBBLE":  How to Apply for Gold Shovel Standard at the website:  

You will also need to get the below two documents from their "Document Center"  link (4th bar down).  After clicking on the 4th bar down link, click on the top BLUE bar link that says, "Download Instructions and ....". Edit/fill the below 2 forms with your specific information and upload them back to the Gold Standard website,  after you've registered.

DON'T HESITATE to call them if you have problems navigating their site or if you have any questions

You will also need to contact your local "Call Before You Dig" to determine:

You will need to get the OSHA 300A form from OSHA, fill it out, include a signature and upload it to the Gold Shovel Standard people.  Here's a link to OSHA's website:

YOU will need to tailor and edit the above templates and include your own job specific issues.  

It will take about an hour.

But you're not alone !

Call Frank at 800-205-1050 and he will walk you through the template, page by page.

You will need to upload the files, but it's not "Rocket Science" and the people at Gold Shovel Standard will help you !

You can edit and add to our template because it is written in Microsoft WORD

This 40+ page "Gold Shovel Standard ™ and Dig-In Prevention Program" and Training Program Template costs

only $499.95

Only need the training package?  

only $200.00

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We will customize the pages of the 33 page "Dig-In Prevention Program" document AND "Training Program" template by including your Company Name, within the text of the  documents!  

You will not find another "Gold Shovel Standard ™" template like this anywhere!  It's exactly what you are looking for.  It's Simple to Implement, Editable, Adaptable, AND Professionally Done.

Plus, we will email it to you TODAY.

(Written in Microsoft WORD)

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Editable and Adaptable to ANY Business or Organization.

(Microsoft WORD)

So Easy to Edit! Written in Microsoft WORD as a .doc Document! Feel Free to Give US a Call! 800-205-1050....

Questions? Call Frank at 1-800-205-1050 or 303-457-4506

We will eMail the template to you TODAY!

If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-205-1050 or 303-457-4506, or send us an eMail (Simply Click Here »

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