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We've rearranged the order of our standard manual to better suit the needs of our foreign customer.  

All chapters relating specifically to OSHA have been moved to the back of the manual and our "Table of Contents" altered to reflect that change, making it much easier to edit/delete any topics that you don't need.

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 ..Editable!  Written in Microsoft WORD

Your Business Name within the Text of the Manual!

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Don't re-invent the wheel!  .

You don't have the time to write a "Safety and Health Program" from "scratch", nor do you want to pay outrageous fees for someone to write one for you!

This is not a guide or "how to" manual.  

This is an actual, written ,"boiler plate" Safety and Health Program Manual WITH YOUR BUSINESS NAME !!

Plus, you can very easily edit & make it more Company specific!

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What does our Safety Program Manual consist of?

The foundation of our program is a basic, 65 page,  "Safety and Health Program" manual.  The information contained within this 65 page manual is applicable to any type of business.

To further tailor the manual to your business and make it more complete, you can choose from up to 66 different safety chapters and add them to the back end of the 65 page safety manual.  See further below for a listing of these chapters. 

This 65 page "Safety and Health Program" Manual  on 3½"Disk (Microsoft WORD) format costs

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(The 65 Page Manual in Hard Copy, PAPER format is only $109.95)

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We will customize the pages of the 65 page "Safety and Health Program" manual by including your Company name, and the name of your Safety and Health Manager, within the text of the manual!  

You will not find another "Safety and Health Program" Manual like this anywhere!  It's exactly what you are looking for.  It's Simple to Implement, Editable, Adaptable, Inexpensive, AND Professionally Done.

Plus, we will email it to you TODAY and also snail mail you the information on a disk.

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What is in the basic 65 Page "Safety and Health Program"  Manual?

It has the Safety Topics that every thorough "Safety and Health Program" manual should include:

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Editable and Adaptable to ANY Business or Organization.

(Microsoft WORD)

So Easy to Edit! Written in Microsoft WORD as a .doc Document! Feel Free to Give US a Call! 800-205-1050....

It's so Easy to Edit!

Purchase the 65 page "Safety and Health Program" Manual on 3½"Disk format (only $99.95).  We will put the name of your Company and Safety Manager (if you have one) in the Manual on the disk.  Make any changes or additions to the manual you want! Simply enter the changes you want and print a new page or an entire manual!

 Build a More Thorough Manual!

We also sell a 41 Chapter, Safety Upgrade Disk (only $119.95) and a 25 Chapter Industrial/Construction 3-Disk Package (only $129.95) 

66 Chapters to Choose From!

You can now  make your "Safety and Health Program" manual more complete by adding any of the 66 chapters to the basic 65 Page "Safety and Health Program" manual!  Edit the chapters you want to add (to make them more site specific/compliant).  We do address OSHA in some of the chapters.  You'll need to edit/delete as necessary.   

(Everything is written in Microsoft WORD!)

Build a More Complete "Safety and Health Program" manual by Purchasing our

   41 Chapter UPGRADE Disk

Add any of the below Editable Chapters to the back end of the 65 Page "Safety and Health Program" manual to make it even better and more complete!

Back and Lifting Safety

Electrical Safety

Forklift and Motorized Truck

Landscape and Grounds Maintenance 

Respiratory Protection Program

Bloodborne Pathogens


General Shop/Work Area and Tool Safety

Machinery & Machine Guarding Safety

Roof Labor Safety

Carpentry and Lumber Handling

Excavation and Trenching

Hearing Conservation Program

Motor Vehicle Safety

Safety & Health Signs and Tags

Chemical Safety- HAZCOM for Non-Laboratories

Fall Protection

Heating Systems and Boiler

Office Safety

Scaffold Safety

Concrete and Masonry Construction

Fire Prevention

Housekeeping and Material Storage

Painting Operations

Temporary and Contract Workers

Confined Space

Flammable Liquids

Laboratory Health and Safety

Personal Protective Equipment

Tool Box Talks/ Work Group Safety Meetings

Corridors and Outside Walkways

Fleet Motor Vehicle Safety Program

Laboratory HAZCOM Chemical Safety Plan

Plumbing Operations

Welding, Hot Work, and Metal Fabrication

Cranes and Hoists

Food Service

Ladder Safety

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Workplace Hazards


Workplace Violence

The above 41 Chapter Disk (@ 400 pages) is only $119.95

Written in Microsoft WORD~Editable!

Upgrade Chapters Disk Samples


(Most Companies Purchase this $199.95 Package Deal!)

Does Your Safety Program Need To Meet a SAFETY AUDIT or



We also have an  Industrial/Construction 3 Disk Package with the following additional 25 Chapters that may help you!

Accident/Incident Investigation & Reporting Procedure

Alcohol Prevention Program

Asbestos Standard for the Construction Industry



Compressed Air Plan

Demolition Plan & Explosive BLASTING PLAN

Disciplinary Program

Diving Operations

Drug Prevention Program

Electrical Safety and Ground Fault Protection

Excavation, Trenching & Shoring Procedures

First Aid and CPR

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)



Process Safety Management


RF Energy and Microwave Radiation Safety

Sandblasting Program and Silicosis Prevention

School Emergency Action Plans

Underground Construction

Over 700 pages on Three Disks or one CD ROM!

Only $129.95 (if purchased separately)

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"CLICK   HERE" for more details and sample pages from the above 66 Chapters.

(Over 1000 pages of text in the above 66 Chapters!)

Upgrade Chapters Disk Samples

Only need a few Chapters?

No Problem! For only $20 per chapter, we'll make a Disk for you!

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Need to Contact OSHA? Call 1-800-321-OSHA or visit their website at

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Written OSHA Safety and Health Program Manuals!

From: (Anderson, Mike)

To Whom it May Concern-

If I might suggest you going to the following web site:

I really like this product! I purchased this from the Internet site and put together a complete Injury and Illness Prevention Plan and Safety Manual for our Biloxi organization using the outlines and documents that were provided. I have been congratulated by three OSHA safety officers in the South that my manuals were more complete and detailed than any that they had ever seen.

You can purchase what you want from the site, and I promise to you that it is very simple to put in your information and compile a very complete set of manuals.  It was cheap, very easy to edit and adapt, and saved me hundreds of hours of research and typing! The documents I purchased saved me, well, weeks of researching and typing. I was in heaven.

Most companies don't have the resources or time to put together something like this but it is the law in most states. These documents can save many people tons of time, money and allow them to comply with OSHA.


Mike Anderson

Written OSHA Safety and Health Program Manuals!

Price List


Cost Each

65 Page Printed and Bound (P/B) Hardcopy Paper Manual


............Additional Printed Manuals $30.00
65 Page S&H Program Manual  on DISK   $99.95
41 Chapter Upgrade DISK $119.95

25 Chapter Industrial/Construction 3-DISK Package


65 Page S&H Program Manual  on DISK + 41 Chapter Upgrade DISK


41 Chapter Upgrade DISK + 25 Chapter Industrial/Construction 3-DISK Package

(4 Disks!- 66 Chapters!)


 ALL Five Disks (65 Page S&H Program Manual  on DISK + 41 Chapter Upgrade DISK + 25 Chapter Industrial/Construction 3-DISK Package)

Also Available on ONE CD ROM! (same price)



65 Pg Manual on DISK & 65 Page Hardcopy Manual $179.95
41 Chapter DISK & 65 Page Hardcopy Manual $219.95
65 Pg DISK + 41 Chapter DISK & 65 Hardcopy Manual $239.95
All Five Disks (or ONE CD ROM) & 65 Page Printed Hardcopy Manual $329.95

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Written Safety and Health Program Manuals! Written Safety and Health Program Manuals! Written Safety and Health Program Manuals!Written Safety and Health Program Manuals! Written Safety and Health Program Manuals! Written Safety and Health Program Manuals! Written Safety and Health Program Manuals! Written Safety and Health Program Manuals!